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Last Updated: Thursday July 10 2008 09:58 GMT

Boy scarred by holiday tattoo

Charlie's arm blistered and now has a scar
Charlie's arm blistered and now has a scar

A 10-year-old boy could be left with lifelong scars after getting a temporary tattoo on holiday in Turkey.

Charlie, from Essex, had a swirling pattern put on his arm as a special treat, using the dye henna.

But the tattoo burned into his arm and has left him with a massive blister-like scab which has oozed pus.

Charlie has been in such pain he has had to go to hospital four times and hasn't been able to go to school for the past month.

His mum, Pauline, from South Ockenden, wants to warn other kids NOT to have tattoos done when they go off on holiday.

Charlie's tattoo
She said: "I don't want other people, especially little kids, going through what Charlie has been through."

Brown henna is normally harmless, but there is also something called black henna, which people can have a bad allergic reaction to.

A skin expert at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital told Newsround: "The main risk associated with having a henna tattoo is that one might have a contact allergic reaction to one of the chemical components which make up henna. To a lesser extent there would be a risk of infection."