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Last Updated: Wednesday July 09 2008 17:48 GMT

Laura tries Bollywood dancing

Laura learning Bollywood dancing

Top dancers of all ages gathered together for the UK Bollywood Dance Championships in London.

Newsround's Laura went along to check out the action, and even got expert Honey Kalaria to show her a few moves!

Here's how she got on...

I have never, ever had a proper dance lesson in my life, so getting some tips from a top Bollywood teacher, on how to do the classic moves, was a totally new experience.

Laura learning Bollywood dancing
Laura learnt some basic moves
It didn't last long, but in just five minutes, Honey Kalaria taught me some of the basic upper body moves that all Bollywood dancers do.

I found the hand movements fairly straightforward, but the up and down shoulder moves were more difficult.

Honey looked great doing them, I looked a bit like a chicken flapping its wings!

I was at the National Bollywood Dance Championships in Hackney, in East London, and it was great fun.

We sat in on rehearsals and spoke to a lot of the children who were taking part.

Akhilesh 6
Laura chatted to the young dancers
Many of them had been dancing since they were two or three years old, and were really good.

We also watched Honey giving some of the older performers some tips on how they were dancing.

I thought they all looked pretty good, but Honey obviously knows better than I do, and spotted lots of mistakes - it was fun watching them trying to correct themselves afterwards.

They were all quite tough on themselves, which I suppose you need to be, if you're going to make it as a Bollywood dancer.

All in all, it was a great night - and I learned a lot - but I don't think any of the dancers have anything to worry about from me!