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Last Updated: Wednesday July 09 2008 15:30 GMT

Helen checks out Gogo's Crazy Bones

Laura, Helen and Jake check out Gogo's Crazy Bones

Gogo's Crazy Bones are the latest craze sweeping the country, but it seems many of you are having trouble getting your hands on them.

Shops are selling out fast, and the little toys have been banned in some schools!

Newsround's Helen decided to check out what all the fuss is about...

They were more difficult to get hold of than I thought.

Kids looking at Gogo's Crazy Bones
The little toys are selling fast!
I had to try a couple of big toy shops before I tracked down a pack of GoGo's Crazy Bones.

I was a bit disappointed you only get three in a bag, good job I bought a few bags!

They were really colourful and unusual looking, I thought they were pretty cool but Jake and Laura thought they were a bit odd looking.

Gogo's Crazy Bones
There are loads of different Crazy Bones
There are loads of different games you can play with them, I like knocking each other's down like skittles.

Throwing them in the air and trying to get them to land on their feet seems impossible!!! (Jake was even worse than I was!)