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Last Updated: Tuesday July 08 2008 14:32 GMT

In pictures: Helmet girl's safe cycling message


Savannah says her helmet saved her life when she fell off her bike and was run over by a car. The helmet was completely crushed, but amazingly she was only slightly hurtů


She's vowed NEVER to go cycling without her helmet again, and she's trying to get her classmates to ride more safely too. But is she making a difference?


Her friend Eliza said everyone was shocked to hear about Savannah's accident. She said: "It was just quite scary to see that your friend had nearly died."


Lydia said Savannah's accident had made her want to cycle more safely. "I'm always going to wear my helmet when I go out on my bike," she said.


And Jake says he's going to bike more safely too. "Since the accident I've sworn to my parents, and sworn to myself, that I'm never going out without a helmet," he said.