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Last Updated: Tuesday July 08 2008 13:08 GMT

Cycle helmet 'saved girl's life'

Savannah wearing her new helmet, and the helmet that probably saved her life.
Savannah wearing a new helmet, and the one that got crushed in the accident.

An 11-year-old girl says her cycle helmet saved her life when she got run over by a car.

Savannah was riding home after passing her cycling proficiency test, when she lost her balance and the car ran over her arm and head, crushing her helmet.

She was taken to hospital to be checked out and kept in for a day, but was left with nothing more than a hurt elbow.

After her lucky escape, Savannah's now trying to convince her classmates to ride safely.

Bike safety experts say you should always make sure your cycle helmet is a good one, and that it's properly fitted.

Savannah with her damaged helmet
They say learning how to ride safely is the best way to avoid accidents.

Savannah from Helmshore in the north west of England says she'll never go cycling without a helmet again, after her "horrible" accident.

And Savannah's classmates say they'll always wear theirs too, after hearing what happened to her.