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Last Updated: Saturday July 12 2008 16:11 GMT

What do you think of cycle helmets?

Children on bikes

An 11-year-old girl whose head was RUN OVER by a car miraculously walked away from the accident with only cuts and bruises.

Savannah's cycle helmet shattered into pieces - and probably saved her life.

So we thought, what do you think about cycle helmets?

Do you wear one? If you do, do you do it for safety reasons or because you're nagged to by your mum and dad?

Or are you put off because they make your hair sweaty and they're just not cool?

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Your comments

"I wear one because it kind of makes you feel safe and because I'm told to."

Eleanor, 13, Ireland

"Helmets are safe but they are not cool. I never wear them."

Kim, 9, Coventry, England

"They are nice and they are for safety reasons, but people still don't wear them."

Bob, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I think helmets are useful even if they do look a bit dorky, it doesn't matter what they look like, it's safety that counts."

Zoe, 11, Kent, England

"I think helmets are good for safety, but they might feel uncomfortable."

Saarujan, 11, London, England

"Cycle helmets should be worn, OK, some helmets are really uncool but so is is a smashed head!!!!!! I don't wear a helmet all the time because there are no cars on the road where I live but I will if I'm going on a busier road!!"

Hannah, 12, John O'Groats, Scotland

"They shouldn't be necessary because we shouldn't need that sort of protection, but seeing as the world is getting quite dangerous then I think it's a good idea."

Ro, 12, Winchester, England

"Well, if you're likely to fall off wear one! But because I'm not likely to fall off I don't wear one, plus they can be really uncomfortable! Make them better somehow and I'd happily wear one!"

Emily, 13, Warrington, England

"I think they're great. When I broke my arm I was on a bike and I know it nearly saved my life. With the chip in it I'm surprised it didn't crack in half."

Kelsey, 12, Walsall, England

"I hate them - they mess up your hair and if you don't get the right fit they sit on top of your head and it looks daft. I prefer to wear skateboarding or blading ones instead. They are important, though, which makes it irritating!"

Katy, 13, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think all cycling helmets should have a light on the back."

Rachel, 8, Ireland

"I think helmets are a very safe thing to wear, but the makers should make them more comfortable!"

Zoe, 10, London, England

"I think that people who think helmets are uncool or that they don't fall off their bikes are wrong because anyone can lose their balance at any time, and brain damage can't be repaired."

Lydia, 11, Essex, England

"I think that helmets look stupid but they are amazing because they help save people from hurting themselves and even from being killed!"

Claudie, 13, England

"I think cycle helmets are extremely cheesy. I mean, it's so embarrassing wearing one. I have to ride my bike to school every morning and people laugh because I have a bright yellow helmet, which my parents make me wear."

Josy, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I think they are cool. The only reason people don't wear them is because they're uncomfortable."

Nicola, 14, UK

"I think that the helmet only protects your head and there's a good chance that you might not land on your head. I think that your helmet weighs your head to one side and affects your view on the road."

Dervla, 12, Derry, Northern Ireland

"I hate wearing cycle helmets. They are uncomfortable in the heat and for skilled cyclers they're unnecessary."

Pasha, 13, London, England

"I think that gloves are more important because if you fall you are more likely to land on your hands."

Ramzan, 13, Slough, England

"I think that helmets keep you safe and that parents should be more responsible and make their children wear helmets all the time!"

Lauren, 11, Cumbria, England

"I don't have a helmet, but that's because I don't really go on busy roads. However, if I ever need to go out on a main road then I will get a helmet. My little sister has one as she is more likely to fall off than me!"

Cara, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I like helmets but I hate having helmet hair!"

Ruby, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I don't think you should have to wear a helmet because it makes you look goofy."

Lewis, 10, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think cycle helmets are important because there was a girl at my school who got knocked off her bike and ended up in hospital because she wasn't wearing a helmet."

Eliot, 8, Derbyshire, England

"I think Savannah is correct because I almost got run over by a lorry before so I got a helmet after that!"

Joss, 10, Suffolk, England

"I think they're good to wear because they keep you safe, but they look unstable sometimes, and people do not were them because they think they look silly in them."

Meme, 11, Kent, England

"I absolutely wear them. Mine saved my life too. I was riding down a rocky hill, the wheel slipped and I crashed onto a huge rock. My helmet was destroyed, but my head was ok. I have lots of scars too, but I'm thankful that I'm still alive."

Hayley, 11, Pleasanton, USA

"They're not that comfortable or nice but they keep you safe and that is the most important thing."

Clare, 10, Watford, England

"Wow!! I am definitely riding with a helmet now!!!"

Claire, 11, Liverpool, England

"I think every person who has a bike should have a helmet as they can be life savers."

Harry, 11, Kent, England

"I think after hearing this I'm always going to put my helmet on whenever I go on my bike. Before this, I did put my helmet on, but not all the time! I will now!"

Rachel, 10, Manchester, England

"In my street, a load of kids were trying to get me to remove my helmet, and I didn't. I am so glad because I could have died without it."

Sallie, 13, Sedgley, England

"I think cycle helmets could save your life!! So use one!!"

Bronwyn, 10, Shetland Islands

"I think that bike safety is very important, you should always learn how to ride a bike properly before you start riding near roads! Don't forget your helmet!"

Nicola, 11, Manchester, England

"I think cycle helmets are useful and keep you protected. I normally wear a cycle helmet but sometimes not when I play out!"

Rebecca, 10, Warrington, England

"I have always worn a cycle helmet when I go out on my bike. I think that everyone should wear one as they save lives and make sure you are safe ."

Lucy, 11, Plymouth, England

"If more people wore them then I would wear a cycle helmet. Reading this story has made me think more about wearing one."

Cath, 12, Kent, England

"Cycle helmets may be totally 'uncool' but when it's a matter of life and death I know which one I would choose!"

Molly, 13, England

"I think helmets are great they keep us safe and some helmets can look really cool. If you don't like your helmet personalise it!"

Victoria, 9, Barnstaple, England

"I think they are really good because they can save your life."

Fareed, 10, Blackburn, England

"I think safety helmets are good but not many people including myself wear them because they look so uncool. But I sometimes do, but I would rather not."

Penny, 10, Retford, England

"We all know what happens to you when you don't wear a helmet. Now I love my hair after I've worn my helmet - FRIZZY!!!!"

Emily, 10, Hucknall, England

"My grandma was in Germany and she didn't have a helmet on and she fell off and broke her face so I think bike helmets are a brilliant idea but they are not strong enough or trendy enough."

Billiekate, 11, Northampton, England

"Cycle helmets are very important and you can get them for just 10 or less and your life is more than 10 ."

Hannah, 10, Stockport, England

"I'm sorry, but at the end of the day, having a helmet you can customise (if you must), or a smashed in head with maybe only seconds to live, then helmets are a YES for me."

Saffron, 13, Kent, England

"Well I usually don't wear them because they are sometimes really uncomfortable, but now after hearing the story about Savannah I think I should start wearing it!"

Fatima, 11, London, England

"I think that you should always wear your helmet even if you think it is not in the trend because they can save lives as this story shows. I think that the parents of the kids should be encouraging their children to be safer on the roads and wear a HELMET!"

Beth, 11, Brigwater, England

"I have always worn a helmet on my bike since the day I started riding a bike. And now I have heard this news I will always make sure everyone around me will too."

Natalie, 12, Wrexham, Wales

"I never fall off my bike so I don't usually wear a helmet. It makes you look silly but it is worth it if it saves you from getting injured."

Adam, 11, Solihull, England

"I think they can save you if the bike falls apart it can protect you."

Matt, 10, Kent, England

"At the end of the day, you have to make a choice: save yourself from being called "uncool" and not wear a helmet or save your life."

Lamin, 12, Birmingham, England

"I have never owned a bicycle helmet, but I say that anyone who has one - USE IT!!!"

Abbie, 14, Devon, England

"I think it is a good idea because if you fall off, your head will not get hurt."

Jack, 9, Loughborough, England

"Cycle helmets are good because they protect your head from brain damage."

Alice, 8, Cambridgeshire, England

"I don't like them because they ruin my hair."

Maria, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"My mate has a bike that is unstable and does not wear a helmet and it does not have brakes! I keep telling her to wear a helmet but she won't listen!!!!!!"

Lily, 11, West Yorkshire, England

"I think you should always wear a helmet. If your mum doesn't tell you to put your helmet on - still put it on!"

Caz, 8, England

"Helmets are great things. I think people would wear them a lot more if they looked better and didn't irritate you under your chin."

Emily, 10, Portsmouth, England

"I think helmets can save your life, but at the same time, they are a bit uncool, but I am definitely going to wear one for my safety!"

Shaily, 11, Manchester, England

"I cycle to school every day and I always wear my helmet. If I can't find my cycle helmet when I want go out on my bike I am not allowed to go out on my bike. My mom told me cycle helmets should be made law."

Jack, 14, Dublin, Ireland

"I always wear my cycle helmet because I am worried about getting seriously injured."

Adam, 11, West Country, England

"They're great but at our secondary school we get bullied if we wear one but helmets save your life so "GO HELMETS!!!!""

Ben, 12, Gloucestershire, England

"I don't wear a cycle helmet because the roads are very quiet in my area, and I don't usually go very fast on my bike."

Ellie, 12, near Dorset, England

"I fell off my bike riding back from school with my helmet on, without it, it may have been worse than a few cuts and grazes."

Thomas, 12, Newcastle, England

"Helmets are safe. I always wear mine. Please wear yours and be safe."

Thomas, 8, Wolverhampton, England

"I always wear a cycling helmet wherever and whenever I am out cycling. I don't care what people say, I just want to be safe."

Katie, 9, Dunfermline, Scotland

"I think that cycle helmets are vital. A friend of mine got knocked off her bike a little while ago and without a helmet the doctors said she could suffer from brain damage."

Kelly, 14, Norwich, England

"I think helmets are great. They help save lives! I know I ALWAYS wear a helmet. So what if they don't look so good? Helmet hair is surely better than no head? "

Charlii, 14, Norwich, England

"I think helmets make you look like a nerd so I don't wear them."

Zac, 10, Leicester, England

"I only wear my helmet because I am nagged to. I know it is safer and that is why they nag. Now that I have read that story, I suppose I am glad they nag me and I can blame them for having to wear it."

Steph, 9, East Sussex, England

"I usually don't wear a cycle helmet because they are really uncomfortable and heavy, but I never cycle on the road anyway."

Angelina, 10, London, England

"Well, I wear a cycling helmet in most places but not where I live because it's a cul de sac and the cars are really slow there."

Grace, 12, Dublin, Ireland

"I don't have a helmet, but that is only because I only cycle on very quiet roads in the countryside. I have always said that if I ever go out on proper main roads then I will get a helmet, and now I DEFINITELY WILL!!!"

Carla, 12, Scottish borders, Scotland

"I think they are safe but they're annoying when you put them on because the clip underneath your chin irritates your throat."

Luke, 11, Wolverhampton, England

"I normally only wear a helmet when I go out on the main road, but I think that I should use them more often as I think they are a great way to stay safe."

Eileen, 12, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

"I think that helmets are okay but can be a bit of a pain because you can't always guarantee you will be safe and you get picked on sometimes for wearing them."

Abbie, 13, Blackwood, Wales

"I don't usually wear a cycle helmet, but from that story I think I will. Lots of people laugh if you wear a cycle helmet because it is 'uncool'."

Emma, 11, Kent, England

"I think helmets are a good idea to wear for safety but people do not wear them as they should because of the way they look. If they were made to look better, they would be worn more."

Colleen, 15, Antrim, Northern Ireland