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Last Updated: Sunday July 13 2008 10:48 GMT

What's YOUR big craze?

Kids laughing

Are you ga-ga for Gogo's? Or totally into Top Trumps?

Maybe you're potty for Polly Pocket or crazy for your Heelys. Whatever's the biggest craze at your school, we want to know.

Send us your thoughts on the most popular toys, gadgets, games and gizmos among your friends.

Why are you so into the latest thing? Or don't you get caught up in crazes as much as your friends? Why not?

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Your comments

"Firstly there were paperclips on blazers, then there were studs on blazers - now there are bookmarks on blazers, listening to the Fratellis and hating UB40 - weird!"

Louise, 12, Surrey, England

"Strangely, in then library at my school, people seem to be going mad for paper aeroplanes and there's even a competition a lunchtime."

Charlotte, 12, England

"In schools in Ireland, Dubes are really popular."

Eleanor, 13, Ireland

"The craze in my school is plimsolls with coloured laces."

Rennie, 13, London, England

"The craze at my school is tennis! Everyone is getting rackets and balls out to play with every day. Personally, I like to stick to football."

James, 11, Stoke, England

"Everyone at my school is into Scoobies. They may be plastic but they are relaxing and something to pass the time."

Megan, 12, Salisbury, England

"Most boys are into Warhammer or Pokémon or GoGo Crazy Bones. The girls are into High School Musical (yucky) but me personally, I'm into Mew Mew Power and Pokémon! But almost every single person is into Club Penguin (yeah, go penguins) and Poptropica (I like them too!)! I don't get what Poptropica's about but it's so cool!!! (Pssst, don't tell anyone but a BOY at my school likes HSM, ha!)"

Amelia-Jane, 10, Warwickshire, England

"In my school, our big craze is wearing neon legwarmers!"

Shona, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"In our school, our crazes are a bit weirder. Everyone wears leg-warmers, and on non-uniform day everyone wears dungarees! I love them!!!"

Maria, 13, London, England

"At my school everyone hates GoGos, but everyone plays mud-wrestling and building human pyramids. All our crazes are outside on the field."

Alice, 12, Cornwall, England

"I had never even heard of GoGos before I watched Newsround and I'm glad. I think it's crazy that people are spending so much money on something so silly. They will probably be out of fashion soon anyway and worth nothing."

Luci, 12, Northern Ireland

"Right now in my school, playing chess in the library is 'in fashion'. It's really fun and I love it."

Ioan, 14, Carmarthen, Wales

"When I was in Year 4, everyone had a sudden craze on Tamogotchis, which is still going on - in Year 6!!!"

Harita, 11, Walsall, England

"Skinny jeans and big bags for the girls and water-balloons and skateboarding for the boys."

Victoria, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"Nintendo Wii!! Everyone's obsessed! I don't know why. I just enjoy having one; I haven't turned into an alien like the others."

Melis, 11, London, England

"People at our school play skipping all the time, even the boys."

Amy, 11, Derry, Ireland

"Everyone is obsessed with GoGos Crazy Bones! I've got one pack, but I prefer to collect Doctor Who Rollers!"

Jessie, 10, Newcastle, England

"At the moment, a lot of people in my year are obsessed with 'Just Do It' bags, personally I hate them. Although, a craze of bouncy balls is just beginning. There used to be a craze of these slinky, stretchy things, they got banned though."

Millie, 12, London, England

"Everyone has animal backpacks! And everyone sends stuff on their phones which isn't fair because I don't have Bluetooth on my phone!"

Lilly, 12, Yeovil, England

"The craze in my school for boys is football and Match Attax, for the girls it's Me To You, but I hate Me To You, I'm more into football myself."

Fiona, 10, Western Super Mare, England

"The craze at my school is football, football and more football."

Niall, 10, Stretford, England

"Traditional handclapping games with rhymes."

Harry, 7, Stockport, England

"For girls it's Zac Efron and for boys it's game consoles or Warhammer."

Ben, 11, Sutton, England

"Gogo's were banned at my school because the teachers thought that people were arguing about who owned them, but everyone enjoyed them so they shouldn't have been."

Cameron, 10, Bristol, England

"Everyone's gone crazy over Scoobies...again!"

Lamin, 12, Birmingham, England

"Our school is crazy about Nickleback's song 'Rockstar', it's so annoying coz they're always playing it on their phone after school! I'm one of the only people who doesn't like it that much!"

Eilidh, 10, Dundee, Scotland

"Everyone in our school has gone mad!!! All they talk about is Gogo's and play Gogo's!! They are all crazy!!"

Alicia, 10, Devon, England

Well, ages ago there was a skipping workshop and everyone got into skipping but now everyone is crazy about yo-yos!"

Stella, 9, Liverpool, England

"My school is jam-packed with Gogo's and I used to think that they were stupid, but now I collect them and I see that they are very entertaining."

Robbie, 9, Leicester, England

"The craze at my school is playing on diabolos at playtime!"

Jamie, 11, Surrey, England

"Gogo's are banned at our school, which is a nightmare because you go out and find some but before you can show them off you get in trouble. LIFT THE BAN!"

Owen, 10, England

"At our school, all the girls love George Sampson (including me)!!! He is sooo talented and none of the girls can stop talking about him."

Lowri, 13, Wales

"At my school, Yu-Gi-Oh cards are starting to come back!"

Kim, 11, Isle of Man

"At our school year 6 are banned from Gogo's because of stealing!"

Eva, 11, High Wycombe, England

"Well, at our school there is a different craze in each class. In one it's Hannah Montana, in another it's football and in my class it's mobiles. It's hard to keep up!"

Katharine, 11, Brussels, Belgium

"In my home education group we're all obsessed with playing Frisbee and making friendship bracelets. Frisbee is a really cool game and I love making the bracelets."

Rebekah, 11, Isle of Wight, England

"I only heard about those Gogo things when I read this page. They sound really weird and a waste of time and money! It's just plastic!"

Zoe, 12, Nottingham, England

"Gogo's Crazy Bones are cool because you can collect them and their bags but the sticker books are hard to get. At my school there is a rule that you are not allowed to swap them and people at my school have just started collecting them."

Ben, 8, Norwich, England

"In our school it's beatboxing and 'Just Do It' bags."

Georgia, 10, London, England

"In our school Crazy Bones were banned because people were stealing them from each other and children were getting upset! But I am still mad about them and I have millions!"

Eliza, 10, Cornwall, England

"Well, our school has some very weird crazes. Like now everyone hooks a pipe cleaner around their ears…"

Chloe, 13, Southampton, England

"At our school it's really pathetic - they are crazy about elastic bands and water balloons!!!"

Charlie, 13, Sheffield, England

"Our craze has to be street dancing. We often have dance-offs."

Hannah, 11, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Over here it is pumpkin seeds! Everyone chews them in class and the teachers get really angry if they spot us eating them!"

Anya, 14, Algiers, Algeria

"ALL the girls have Jane Norman bags and pencil cases!"

Phoebe, 12, Worcestershire, England

"Gogo Crazy Bones have taken over our school. They're little pieces of plastic. Everyone's gone mad (help)!!!"

Sophie, 11, Devon, England

"The big craze at my school now is... wearing one leg warmer on your right foot. Yes, it's weird."

Hannah, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"High School Musical: that's all I can say, really. It's HSM this, HSM that. The craze has been around for nearly two years now. It's driving me CRAZY!!!"

Marney, 9, Leicester, England

"What's really big in my school is the internet game Runescape. Everybody goes on it and talks about it!"

Thomas, 11, Peterborough, England

"In my year all the girls are totally obsessed with 'Abercrombie and Fitch'. All the girls have their hoodies, t-shirts, trousers and even SCHOOL BAGS!!! I am one of the only girls not to have something, but their stuff is sooooooooooooooooooooo EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!"

Cara, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"At school our gadgets are for different age ranges. For example I'd say in Year 6 it is mobiles, and in Year 5 skipping ropes etc..."

Hattie, 11, London, England

"My school is into Doctor Who. They also are into Match Attax and High School Musical."

Ange, 9, London, England

"Everyone in our school is obsessed with Gogos! They're soooooooo cool!!!"

Grace, 10, Norwich, England

"The crazes at my school are friendship bracelets and ultimate frisbee."

Harriet, 13, Isle of Wight

"The craze in my school is Crazy Bones for the boys and HSM2 stuff for the girls!!"

Halima, 10, Leicester, England

"At my school everyone is obsessed with Converse, at least 600 people in the school have a pair. Mine are green!"

Adam, 14, Lincoln, England

"I know it's not a toy or anything but at my school the big craze is drama! Everyone wants to be top dog at it and it is really fun too! We have a big show every year and loads of people audition to get a part, I got one! "

Johnny, 13, London, England

"I'm in an all girls' school so it's mainly singing, dancing, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, hairbands or dog toys! It's so annoying! Well I don't like any of the things so all I ever talk about is Doctor Who."

Laura, 11, County Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland

"CARDS! Everyone is playing cards in groups and I hate it!"

Anna, 12, Reading, England

"The big craze in my school is football. Nearly everybody in my school loves talking about football, especially Man United and Chelsea."

Amaara, 11, Coventry, England

"Our form has suddenly had a craze for gobstoppers! The teachers don't mind, it stops us from talking!"

Emma, 12, Harrow, England

"Everyone at my school - even boys - likes anything that is pink!!! They think it's 'gangsta'."

Rachel, 13, London, England

"Our school doesn't have that many crazes, but everyone seems to own a pair of skinny jeans!

Hannah, 13, Northumberland, England

"In my form, everyone has a craze about playing cards! I have no idea why!"

Kaytee, 12, Greater London, England

"At my school, everyone is obsessed with Jane Norman and Doctor Who."

Abigail, 12, Plymouth, England

"At my school there are different crazes to match different age groups - like the first years love dancing whereas the sixth years love make-up!!!!!"

Maria, 13, East Kilbride, Scotland

"When I was at primary school, me and brother started the craze for tamagotchis! By the end of the month, nearly everyone had one!"

Saffron, 13, Kent, England

"The craze at my school is Crazy Bones and Pokemon cards."

Alice, 9, Hithen, Australia

"Well, my school loves HSM, Bratz, Harry Potter & Doctor Who!"

Amy, 9, Southampton, England

"The craze at my school is Doctor Who which is fab dabby dossey because I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who. Some day I want to be just like him and I will tell my children of him and so it goes on! :) WOAH, Doctor Who, you ROCK MY SOCKS!"

Shannon, 13, Middlesex, England

"Aargh! Everyone is obsessed with Juicy Couture (girls) and Abercromie (both) and Under Armour!! It drives me insane with all these trends!"

Lilli, 10, USA

"My class is mad about Gogos and budgies! I mean budgies are cool but I am scared people will buy them and think them too much bother and set them free."

Abooca, 10, Bracknell, England

"Well nearly the whole of our school has High School Musical things like pack lunches or bags. It's getting too crazy. I like it and I have two posters. Waiting now for a HSM3!"

Maria, 10, Hounslow, England

"At my school everyone is obsessed with wristbands xx."

Shelby, 12, London, England

"All the girls are into aliens. Some of the girls don't like them though because they're gooey."

Siobhan, 11, Kent, England

"Everyone is mad about Basshunter's new song All I Ever Wanted."

Halima, 11, Blackburn, England

"My school love Gogos and go mad if they lose one but I think they're just a piece of plastic."

Sam, 11, Kent, England

"Our favourite thing is HSM toys and people keep talking about when High School Musical 3 and 4 are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Georgia-Louise, 10, Lincoln, England

"The latest craze in our school are shiny gel pens and jangly keyrings as they look nice and cool."

Samra, 7, Bradford, England

"Everyone in our school (the boys) have these things called diabolos. Sos I don't really know if I spelt that right."

Alice, 11, England

"Our craze at the moment is those Just do it bags from Nike - it changes every month. Last month it was bob haircut and the month before Kickers."

Zoe, 13, Essex, England

"My school is obsessed with Crazy Bones!"

Hafsah, 10, Leicester, England

"Collecting Gogo's Crazy Bones!!!!"

Adam, 11, Solihull, England

"I don't go to school but all my friends like Heelies, Zeebees, and Bopits."

Daisy, 9, Gwynedd, Wales

"The Gogos are the toy craze at my school - it really is crazy, people take the game really seriously. "

Emily, 11, England

"The fashion at our school is skinny jeans but they make your legs look huge and then skinny - like out of proportion."

Liam, 13, Nottingham, England

"Erm, we don't have one at the moment...the last one was Crazy Bones."

Rebecca, 13, Kent, England

"The craze at my school are Gogos. It's like everybody's got one."

Sarah, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"Everyone has MSN! If you don't, you don't stop hearing about it until you have it."

R & E, 12, Wales

"Our craze is brown hair and curly because it looks sweet but my hair never curls so it is annoying!!!"

Alexandra, 15, Leeds, England

"My school is obsessed with Gogos."

Meghan, 10, Eastbourne, England

"My school is a girls' school and everyone is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I'm like the only person who doesn't like them. I like McFly."

Kim, 12, London, England

"Everyone in my school plays squareball with a football. It is very fun to play here, if it was a national sport... we would win! :P"

Aishah, 13, Bangkok, Thailand

"Our craze in our school are frilly skirts. Even I wear them."

Barney, Isle of Wight, England

"I love make-up. I even do messy make-up on my friends."

Lauren, 8, Sheffield, England

"Well, nearly the whole school likes High School Musical! Everybody has an HSM bag and there are posters of them everywhere!"

Iadan, 9, London, England

"My school loves rugby. We always play just with a tennis ball in the playground. Once we didn't have ball so we wanted to play so much we used a piece of paper!!!"

Sebastian, 11, Suffolk, England

"We don't really have one. It is probably bluetoothing songs from mobile to mobile."

Louise, 13, Bedfordshire, England

"The biggest craze at our school is football. Also the Match Attax playing cards are a favourite with the boys, but they really annoy the girls!"

Ellie, 11, East Yorkshire, England

"All of my school are obsessed with Gogos. Practically every child had them. Personally I think they are a waste of money as children just trade them then get upset because they want them back!"

Chloe, 12, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland