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Last Updated: Sunday July 06 2008 11:29 GMT

In pictures: Doctor Who series 4 aliens

An Ood

The Ood came back in the third episode and they weren't happy! A mysterious red-eye disease was spreading through the telepathic race, which Donna and the Doctor had to fix.


These marshmallow-like creatures are Adipose who used weight-loss pills to multiply, led by the evil Miss Foster. They do look quite sweet though!!

Shadow monster Vashta Nerada

Now these were REALLY scary! The Vashta Nerada are piranhas of the air, able to strip a creature to its bare bones in seconds. Don't forget to count your shadows!


The Sontarans returned to Doctor Who, this time with a plan to take over the Earth by using sat-navs made by ATMOS which could poison humans.

Dalek Caan

Dalek Caan is probably the most famous Dalek. It turns out he has seen the end of the Dalek race and has been manipulating time to achieve this, by guiding Donna.


This frightening chap is Davros, who is responsible for the creation of the Daleks. The Doctor offered to save him in Journey's End, but he refused.

The Daleks

The Daleks were ready for mass extermination with a reality bomb formed by 27 planets. The new Doctor destroys all the Daleks - but can that really be the last we'll see of them?

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