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Last Updated: Saturday July 05 2008 12:07 GMT

Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling

Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling
Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling

Gavin tries out Mexican Wrestling for Sportsround.

Here's what he thought of it:

Well, you could say I was a teeny bit nervous when I was told I was having a go at Lucha Libre this week!

It's Mexican wrestling and I'd once seen it on the telly - surely they wouldn’t be too rough with me ... Would they?!

When I got to the venue my nerves turned into excitement!

The ring was in the middle of the arena with all the lights and smoke machines!

I felt like a proper Luchadore! (that's what a Mexican wrestler is called).

And get this.... we even had our very own ring announcer - awesome!

All Luchadores have an identity, and they wear really cool outfits with masks. In fact, they never take the mask of in public, so young fans of these fighters don't actually know who the wrestler is?!

Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling
Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling

Imagine supporting a football team where all the stars wore masks - you wouldn't recognise them if you passed them in the street!!

So for one day, and for one day only, I got my own mask and cape, and became La Cobra Azul! Cool name eh! (It actually means Blue Cobra!)

There's a goody versus baddy feel to all the matches - and my opponent for the day was a wrestler called Silver King!

He's probably the biggest baddie there is - in more ways than one! He was taller than me and had muscles about three times the size!

He's starred in films before (one called Nacho Libre starring funnyman Jack Black) and is one of the best fighters in the world

Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling
Gavin tries out Mexican wrestling

Silver King taught me a few moves - which I tried on him, but no avail! He found it hilarious because he was just so much stronger than me.

He ended up throwing me around like a rag doll - so much for me learning the move, I think he was using me for practice!

Thankfully, it didn't hurt when I hit the mat because it's nice and padded!

But please, please - don't try this out at home!

These guys are fully trained athletes and have been practising and performing for years.

And even though they're careful, nearly all of them have had lots of injuries, so I made sure I listened to everything they said to me very carefully before I stepped in the ring.

Just don't even think about trying it yourself!

What a sport - loads of colour, flair and excitement.

And imagine that in Mexico, it's the next biggest thing after football. But let’s just say I won’t be hopping into the ring again anytime soon!

What on earth is going to be for me next?!

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