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Last Updated: Sunday July 06 2008 10:09 GMT

My nut-free recipe book

Press Packer Kirsten

Press Packer Kirsten has written a recipe book for people with nut allergies.

Here she tells us why she did it and how she put the book together.

"I have a severe nut allergy, and a couple of years ago I was finding it really hard to cope.

It was very difficult not being able to eat so many things that I had loved before I got my allergy.

But I decided to take a positive step forward. I combined the two things I love doing most into one - cooking and writing, and I wrote a nut-free recipe book!

Couldn't cook

I sent letters to my friends, teachers, and family, asking them all to donate a family favourite recipe that didn't contain nuts.

The thing that I found the most surprising was the fact that so many people said that they couldn't cook - they just heated up frozen meals!

Money to charity

It was a hard job typing up all the recipes, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

My mum is a publisher so she was able to publish my book.

I decided that all the money I raised from the book would be donated to The Anaphylaxis Campaign, a charity that helps people who suffer from all kinds of allergies.

I'm a member of it, and I know how much it has helped me to cope with my allergy.


I have now raised more than 1,000 from sales of the book.

The main aim of this book is to help people who suffer from the same condition as I do, and to be able to be totally relaxed while eating food that they can make themselves."

Kirsten, 12, London

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