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Last Updated: Thursday July 10 2008 10:37 GMT

Do you care if your Sats results are late?

Children at school

If you're waiting for your Sats results you could be in for a longer wait than you thought.

That's because thousands of Key Stage Two papers for 10 and 11-year-olds haven't been marked yet.

But are you bothered that you'll have to wait a week longer for your results?

Maybe you've already forgotten about your Sats, or are you annoyed that after all your hard work you might have longer to worry about how you've done.

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Your comments

"This is going to be so annoying! I've been waiting for the Sats results and it's just making me more nervous than usual. My family in the Philippines are waiting for them; now they have to wait longer!"

Frances, 11, Stevenage, England

"I am annoyed that the Sats results are late because my Year 6 class at school worked so hard and sometimes gave up breaktimes at school and time at home to revise for them. And because most of us were worried about them we really want to know how we did, so it's kind of annoying knowing that they will be coming one or two weeks late."

Rebekah, 11, Cheshire, England

"We have all worked extremely hard all year and we have been waiting for our Sats results with anticipation and apprehension. We feel it is unfair for us to possibly have to wait until after the summer holidays before we get our results. The system for marking them should be better. This is unfair on us and our hard work."

Year 6, age 10-11, Bushey, England

"I wouldn't care if I never got my Sats results. I don't see the point of Sats unless you're going into high school or primary school. They are total waste of time and I would much rather be having some fun with my friends than studying for Sats."

Megan, 10, Teesside, England

"I would like to get my Sats results so then I can celebrate and it would definitely put me out of my misery."

Sharmane, 11, London, England

"Just come I want my level 4 or 5!!!"

Melissa, 11, Derbyshire, England

"Yes it does matter because I spent ages revising and I want my results quickly!"

Issy, 11, Tamworth, England

"I would like to get them at school, so I can tell my friends what I got. But I think that it is fair enough that the Sats results are late, because the markers have 1000s of papers to mark."

Alice, 11, Cleadon, England

"I'm angry because I'm so nervous and I have to wait even longer."

Aila, 11, Liverpool, England

"I'm a bit annoyed because I was looking forward to having them all week and now we have to have our school reports late as well :("

Emily, 11, Worcester, England

"Well I am really angry. I have spent hours and hours revising. I gave up TV time, shopping time for revising and when they were over I was excited about getting my results but because of this delay I am going to have to wait longer."

Sana, 11, Devon, England

"We can't stand it we have been waiting ages. Since we have done the Sats we have been excited to know what our score is. It's really irritating as we have practised for so long and now they're about a week late!!!"

Hannah and Beth, 11, Caistor, England

"I like it when the Sats results are on time."

Saffron, 13, Kent, England

"I would actually because I would like to know what I got in my Sats."

Prima, 12, London

"They will come eventually but I don't really want to wait for them."

Georgia, 11, Kidderminster, England

"I really want to know my results. I know Sats are stupid and the only people that get anything out of them are the teachers but I want to know my results and with my mock Sats I got a 4 in science and I want to know if I've got a 5 now!"

Angela, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I really want to get my results back."

Omar, 10, Birmingham, England

"I spent almost a year revising for my Sats and I tried my very best too and all I want is to see how well I've done."

Aisha, 14, England

"I didn't have Sats so I was really lucky. But I know if I had been revising for weeks then I would have been really annoyed if my results were late."

Natalie, 12, Wrexham, Wales

"Not really, they'll come soon."

Steven, 11, Wakefield, England

"This is so annoying! I spent so long revising and now I don't even know when I'll get my results. If I get them next school year, that's too late because I'll be onto my GCSEs by then!"

Helen, 13, Croydon, England

"I hate waiting for the Sats results - it's really annoying!"

Lola, 11, Newbury, England

"I am a bit upset but as long as you tried your best. I`m not bothered about getting my results back."

Kirsty, 11, Stockport, England

"ARGH! I want to see how well I have done or else I will get annoyed because I spent sooo long revising! And I get my results LATE!! Grr!! I heard this happened a little bit last year too!"

Kassey, 10, Chester, England

"I'm really annoyed about this. I spent a lot of time revising for my Sats and I really wanted to know my results before the holidays. This is so disappointing!"

Sophie, 14, Staffordshire, England

"I really want my results. It's a pain waiting. My sister (who's doing her GCSE's) has to wait too and it's horrible. I tried really hard and I want to find out my marks in case I fail and have to go to Summer School!!!"

Megan, 11, Devon, England

"I'm upset, because I spent months revising for the Sats and tried my very best, and would like to know what my results are."

Laura, 11, Stoke-On-Trent, England

"It doesn't really matter to me how long it takes for the Sats results to arrive. I just care about my score."

Laiqah, 11, Slough, England

"Yes, because it means that you're always on the edge of your seat and can't be very happy while you're waiting."

Roz, 12, Winchester, England

"Sats are stupid. They make you work really hard for them and we have loads of pressure put on us to do well, and then the markers can't be bothered to get them done on time! I am just glad I don't have to do any more Sats and just hope the results come soon so I know what classes I'm going to be in next year for my GCSEs."

Zoe, 14, Leeds, England

"Yes I care! I did my Key Stage 3 Sats in May and I am worried about my results because they effect my GCSEs next year."

Beth, 14, St.Helens, England

"I am very annoyed about it. I am desperate to see what I got."

Molly, 11, Macclesfield, England

"Apart from not having to put as much work in, Wales scrapping the Sats tests has another advantage - we don't have to wait for our end-of-term marks!"

Maddi, 13, Gwynedd, North Wales

"AARGH! I got my school reports and there was a note saying they would be a week late! Now I'll probably have to write my full address on *another* envelope containing my Sats results!"

Mike, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"I want to find out, because if I've got level 4 my dad will let me have a dog."

Jack, 11, Birmingham, England

"I am really annoyed, because we have worked really hard on tests. Also, I am looking forward to seeing how well I have scored after all my effort."

Elliott, 11, Blackfield, England

"I wrote the Sats diary, so I feel really upset that children in the UK aren't getting their results yet."

Justine, 11, Chester, England

"Yes. I am 11 and really want to see what I have achieved in my Sats, which we did for a week and revised for over 5 months. I want my results!"

Ronan, 11, Staffordshire, England

"Yeah, I just want the stress of waiting for them over. They're always late."

Dominic, 14, Oxford, England

"I'll be, because I've done hard work and I'll be anxious waiting for them."

Charlotte 13, Melton Mowbray, England

"I don't want mine back. The teachers always moan about it soo much and it's annoying. If we get bad results they will moan so I don't really care if they are late. :)"

Mel, 14, Peterborough, England

"I don't really care that it's a bit late but I want to find out though obviously."

Adam, 11, Solihull, England

"It is annoying but I don't care that much because it would be very nerve-wracking finding out!"

Lalitha, 11, London, England

"Yes I do care, as my school will be unable to do our graduation as we were meant to be presented with our results and also our school reports will be late as they too require the results on."

Callum, 11, Birmingham, England

"I think it's really annoying because I've just done my SATs for my GSCE classes and we need to know our results before September, it puts a lot more stress on us thinking about when we get our results back."

Lia, 14, Gosport, England

"I haven't had my results back - hope I get them. I'm quite annoyed, but actually worried because I want to see what mark I got in Literacy. (Hope I spelt Literacy right)."

Emily, 11, England

"Well if I was 11 I would be annoyed but the thing is they are not that important as you are only primary school but say if it was GCSE then I would be annoyed (I'm in ks3 and I get my results of sats in about 2 weeks so hopefully they aren't late!)"

Zoe, 13, Essex, England

"I took my SATs quite a while ago (about 3 years) but I remember how I felt when I was waiting for the results and I would be really bothered if my results were late. Good luck to all people who took tests at the moment."

Emma, 14, Walderslade, England

"I care about my SATs results and I hope they came to me soon."

Salekh, 10, Blackburn, England

"I am a year 6 and I have not got my result back yet and I care because it goes to my high school teachers."

Farzana, 11, Blackburn, England

"Yes! It is so very annoying. We had to wait over half term before we could get our science results!! grr..."

Rosa, 9, London, England

"I'm not really bothered as they eventually will come."

Matthew, 11, London, England

"Yes, we do all the hard work, and they should have them on time. It's not really fair otherwise."

Maria, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"Yes because I won't get a prize as early as I could of."

Pavel, 11, West Sussex, England

"Yes, it is annoying! I really want to know my SATs results because my dad says if I get level 5 he will buy me new shoes!"

Anya, 11, Brighton, England