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Last Updated: Wednesday July 02 2008 13:33 GMT

In Pics: Truckers not happy with fuel costs

Truck drivers protest on Westminster Bridge in London

Hundreds of truck drivers have descended on London to protest about the rising costs of petrol and diesel.

Trucks block the A40 in London in protest at the price of fuel

The long queues created by the truckers have forced parts of a main road through the capital to close.

Truckers driving in convoy past the Houses of Parliament in London

Other drivers are parading in convoy past the Houses of Parliament to hammer home their message that they want the government to cut the cost of fuel.

Truckers stage a protest against fuel prices outside the Houses of Parliament

The drivers say the cost of petrol and diesel means it's costing them up to 1,000 a week to run a typical articulated lorry and that's forcing many of them out of business.