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Last Updated: Wednesday July 02 2008 06:42 GMT

Kids tackle glacier for CBBC show

Charlotte on top of the Chloe glacier

A 13-year-old girl accepted the mission of a lifetime to join the CBBC adventure show, Serious Ocean.

Charlotte joined a specially selected team to take part in the ground-breaking climate change research on Glacier Chloe in Chile, South America.

The Chloe glacier
Glacier Chloe is shrinking
The huge ice sheet is the most southerly glacier outside the Antarctic.

But like many other glaciers in the area it's shrinking, and scientists want to find out more about why that's happening.

"We're the first people to ever do any research on this glacier," said Charlotte.

Although they're beautiful, glaciers are also dangerous places, so her first task was to learn how to move about safely on the ice.

Special drill

After getting to grips with ice axes and snow shoes, the real mission began with a three-hour trek to the top of the glacier.

Charlotte getting to grips with an ice axe
Charlotte had to learn to use an ice axe
"Our first job was to make deep holes in the ice using a special kind of drill," said Charlotte.

"When the hole was completed we put in a plastic marker six metres deep.

"In all, we put 10 markers in the ice over two days."

Going back

The position of each marker will be mapped using GPS, which is a tracking system that signals a satellite to say exactly where it is.

Then in a year's time, the scientists will go back to see whether the glacier has moved or not.

"It will tell them how fast the huge ice sheet is moving and whether it's getting thicker of thinner," said Charlotte.

You can watch Serious Ocean on CBBC from Wednesday 9 July 2008.