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Last Updated: Tuesday July 01 2008 15:38 GMT

Teenagers' knife crime protest

Teenagers in the protest against knife crime

Hundreds of teenagers staged a protest march through London to make a stand against knife crime in the UK.

The demonstration was led by the family and friends of a 16-year-old boy called Ben Kinsella who died after being stabbed in London at the weekend.

Ben is the 17th teenager in the UK to die from stab wounds so far this year.

People taking part in the march said they wanted to persuade people to stop carrying knives and for there to be stronger punishments for those who do.

Ben Kinsella
Ben Kinsella
The protest was organised by one of Ben's friends, 16-year-old Brooke Dunford.

She described Ben as her angel and said: "I just couldn't sit around and grieve when this might happen to other people.

"It's ridiculous. When is it going to stop?

"If by doing this I have made one person rethink taking out a knife then I have done my bit. That would be one more person going back home to his mum."