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Last Updated: Saturday July 05 2008 10:48 GMT

Making a film about climate change

Press Packer Caius

Press Packer Caius' teacher was asked to take part in a project called Sisters on the Planet - all about climate change.

This meant that Caius got to help too.

Here's his story.

"At school we have been involved in some filming with the charity Oxfam, taking part in a project called Sisters on the Planet.

It follows four women's lives: Melissa (our teacher), Sahena (from Bangladesh), Martina (from Uganda) and Muriel (from Brazil).

Oxfam also filmed the work we were doing on climate change, and some of the activities I'm involved in as one of the school's EcoWarriors.

Difficult to solve

The premiere of the film was in Leicester Square.

It was the first premiere I have been to and it was very exciting.

I really think that the film helps people realise that climate change is affecting the whole world and it's difficult to solve. Lots of people don't know what to do.


The film also helps people understand that poor people are affected more than us because of climate change.

I think that our film will help people understand what climate change means."

Caius, 8, London

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