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Last Updated: Tuesday July 01 2008 06:00 GMT

Ringtone girl gets 129 bill


A 13-year-old girl got the shock of her life when she got a 129 mobile bill after accidentally signing up for a ringtones service.

Rosie McCarthy thought she was getting one free ringtone when she saw the web advert, but she got much more!

At first she was sent one ringtone a day, but eventually she was getting up to three a day - and it was costing her 1.50 a time.

She told her dad and he eventually got all their money back.

Rosie, from Middlesbrough, said she didn't know what was happening until she got the enormous bill.

She had to tell her dad who complained to a newspaper, which then helped him to complain and get his money back.

A mobile
"I felt like I might be living on the streets because I didn't think we were going to be able to pay it," Rosie told Newsround.

She said her dad was "really angry" and she felt very guilty about the money.


The company which runs the service, Zamano, said its service was only for people over 16.

They said: "We take a great deal of care to minimise consumer harm wherever possible and have, in this instance, refunded 100 per cent."


There's a company called PhonePayPlus who you can go to if you think you've been treated unfairly by these kinds of services.

They told Newsround there have been loads more complaints about these types of ringtones lately, and they're looking into how they work.

Rosie's advice for other kids is:

  • Always check with whoever pays the bill before you give out your mobile number or reply to a text from someone you don't know.