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Last Updated: Saturday June 28 2008 16:27 GMT

Girl finds deadly spider in fruit

A black widow spider

A nine-year-old girl has discovered a deadly black widow spider hiding in a bunch of grapes she was munching on.

Harriet spotted the spider, which is the world's fifth most poisonous, crawling around in her fruit bowl.

Minutes earlier, her brother Elliot had been snacking on the same bunch of grapes while watching television.

The supermarket which sold the grapes has now taken the batch off the shelves, just in case any other spiders managed to hitch a ride from Mexico.

Harriet's mum, Susanne, told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Harriet went to get a grape and started screaming, 'There's a spider in there.'"

"My husband Columbus recognised the hour-glass-shaped orange and red markings, covered it with paper and walked out of the room."

It's thought the spider might have snuck into the grapes somewhere on route from Mexico where the fruit was grown.