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Last Updated: Sunday June 29 2008 14:03 GMT

Mud, music and bio-degradable tent pegs

Press Packer Beth at Glastonbury

It's one of Britain's biggest music festivals - Glastonbury!

And we have Press Packer Beth on the ground to fill us in on the action.

Day 4

Bethany checks out recycled tents!
Bethany checks out recycled tents!

It's Sunday now and we have to go home before the end of the festival so that I'm back in time for school. It means missing The Zutons and the results of the singing competition but that's OK because I've had an excellent time!

I've had a whopping great time here at Glastonbury - it's brilliant! You should all come next year and try it out for yourselves. In the words of The Terminator - I'll be back!

Day 3

I've had the best day ever because today was celeb-spotting day! First I met Estelle in the loos - she's really nice - she gave me some much needed hand sanitiser!

Bethany meets Amy
Bethany meets Kelly Osbourne

Throughout the day I saw more and more celebrities walking past. I spotted Will Young, Kirsten from SMART, Freema Agueyman from Doctor Who and when we bumped into Kelly Osbourne she actually stopped for a photo - she's so cool!

Outside the property lock-up there is a piece of card for celebs to sign and it is completely full!

Two quite surprising things also happened today. When we walked through the Avalon Field we heard a huge crowd shouting massive cheers - they turned out to to be for The Wurzels!

Then, in between bands on The Pyramid Stage they played some pre-recorded songs. When 'Sit Down' by James came on about 20,000 people started to sing along! Everyone, everywhere - people in cafes, on bicycles, driving past in trucks - all of them were singing! Then the sun came out, the mud dried up and everyone was happy again.

Bethany meets Duffy
Bethany meets Duffy

To top it all I got to meet Duffy. She is the one person I really wanted to see perform because she's the best singer in the world! She actually said 'hello' afterwards and posed for a photo! She also told me that she co-wrote her brilliant song, Mercy.

In the evening the paparazzi were all waiting for Amy Winehouse but I didn't bother - I'm just glad I met Kelly and Duffy!

Day 2

Today is the official start of the festival. We began exploring the site then stopped to rest at The Bee Garden where we met two girls called Melody and Lola who said they were a 'human jukebox'. Basically, I had to pay them a small donation then pick a song which they sang to me. I picked Rock Star by Nickelback and joined in a bit.

Next we tramped through Shangri-La and Trash City; two new fields which replace the old Lost Vagueness. I bought another rainbow item - a tutu and met some other rainbow fans. I also got a rainbow face painting.


Bethany meets Bodger
Bethany meets Bodger

Next I visited The Kidz Field where I met Bodger and Badger, spun plates and played on enormous glockenspiels and xylophones. I'm going back tomorrow to try out for the Sing Up competition which gives winners the chance to sing live on The Leftfield Stage on Sunday.

The nearby Circus Field is where the performance art happens. I was disinfected by a group of mad scientists in white coats, made over by The Blah-blah Beauty Queens and given a sugar lump by a very nice horse!

In the evening I watched The Gossip and now I'm going to witness a man called Joseph Peach doing comedy fire stunts!

Day One

I arrived at Glastonbury on Thursday for the start of the world famous three-day festival of mud, music and biodegradability.

This year all campers are being given a pack of biodegradable tent pegs made of potato starch because last year 70,000 metal pegs were left in the cow fields.

Rainbow clothes

We spent most of Thursday tramping back and forth carrying tents and bags from the car to the camping area, past lush smelling donut stalls and shops full of rainbow-coloured clothing.

Eventually the tent was up and the sun was shining, so we decided to leave our wellies in the car - big mistake - it poured down overnight!

Real pain

Beth tries on some fairy wings

Glastonbury began in the 70s as a small protest festival and it has gradually got bigger and bigger. Now it attracts major music stars such as Jay-Z who is headlining.

The music is mostly brilliant when you want to listen to it but it is a real pain in the eardrums when you want to go to sleep!

You can meet all kinds of wacky people here because everybody wears fancy dress and silly hats.

Kidz Field

I really like the shop in the Circus Field that sells fairy wings and tutus and I'm buying one rainbow item of clothing a day!

Tomorrow I'm going to check out the Kidz Field but right now I'm off in search of one of those hot donut stalls!

Bethany, 11

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