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Last Updated: Friday June 27 2008 07:36 GMT

Panda mayhem at Kung Fu premiere

Jack Black at the premiere

Kung fu madness hit London last night, at the premiere of the new animal action movie Kung Fu Panda.

The stars hit the red carpet in Leicester Square, and there were loads of Chinese performers, who got the crowds into the spirit of things.

Jack Black, who voices the main character Po, even treated fans to a kung fu demo!

He told Newsround that kids and parents would like the film, and said the martial arts action is "awesome".

The story follows Po, a lazy panda who serves noodles for a living, but dreams of becoming a kung fu master.

So when he's one day mistaken for a mighty warrior, it's left to him to save his friends from enemies threatening to take over his town.

The film's already out in America, and has made millions so far. It's released in cinemas here next week.