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Last Updated: Wednesday October 15 2008 13:36 GMT

Do you have decent school toilets?

a toilet

School toilets are under the spotlight in Wales, after inspectors found more than half of them were dirty, or not good enough.

Now, all school toilets there are going to be checked out and brought up to scratch.

But do you think YOUR school toilets are up to standard?

Are they nice and clean, or dark and dingy?

Are they well kitted out with soap and toilet paper, or let down by broken driers and messy bins?

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Your comments

"We do have decent toilets at our school but they could be better. They are nice but not really clean. We are all kitted out with plenty of loo roll and soap."

Rhea, 10, Scotland

"My loos are horrible. They are always smelly even after the holiday. People don't flush them and one of the locks doesn't work. A nightmare. And it's also a cloakroom.

Picture yourself in my loos. Horrible, isn't it?"

Albie, 10, Radlett, England

"I wouldn't know... I never go in them because they smell so bad from the outside!"

Ella, 13, Wolverhampton, England

"My school toilets are always smelly - what's even worse is that the soap dispensers don't work and people don't always flush them. Some people even stick toilet paper in the sink and if that's not bad enough there are only three cubicles per key stage and one of the locks doesn't work."

Abi, 10, Peterborough, England

"Our loos were horrible with writing on the backs of the doors and no toilet paper and people didn't flush the loos. We had our loos redone and now they are really nice (they are purple) and I think people will be more likely to keep them nice."

Rebecca, 11, Guernsey, UK

"Our toilets are really good because we have a cleaner (toilet supervisor) in there all the time! It stops bullying and she cleans the toilets every half hour, they always smell and look shiny and nice!"

Ralph, 10, London, England

"I think it is the people's fault not the toilet's because there's always food, dirty toilet roll and loads more and most of the time they're not even flushed. At my middle school we had really manky toilets and the school had to refurbish them which cost over £8,000 and just think what that could have been spent on - like stuff for PE or another 50ft climbing wall."

Josh, 10, Exeter, England

"Our school loos are filthy, there's never any soap to wash your hands, and although there are 10 cubicles only 2 have working locks."

Megan, 10, Broadstairs, England

"I don't like school toilets - they ain't clean."

Demi, 13, Corby, England

"Our toilet seats are really disgusting and I dread going in there. There's toilet paper stuck to the ceiling and the smell is horrendous!"

Jasmine, 12, Rickmansworth, England

"My schools toilets are quite bad, mainly because all the older pupils use the toilets as a place to smoke and graffiti. Also the toilets are always blocked with toilet paper, pencils n jotters people just throw anything down them so no-one except the people in the higher school go in."

Megan, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"Our school toilets are filthy, as people leave toilet paper all over them, and clog them with it. The floor is all wet with water from the taps, and sometimes a whole roll of toilet paper is gone within a day. When the toilets are broken, we have to use the infant ones, which have such small doors into the cubicles, that you can look over them!"

Lauren, 10, Penarth, Wales

"The toilets at my school are really disgusting. Sometimes food is stuck down them and other things. They are metal so they are really cold. Mostly, you can't wash your hands because there is make-up or food in the sink."

Lauren, 12, Bolton, England

"I go to a boarding school. The toilets here are terrible! I hate it when people think grammar schools or boarding schools have better toilets. Mine are horrible. There's graffiti on the walls, the water doesn't work sometimes, and neither does the dryer. The toilets and mirrors are cracked and sometimes the children don't flush out the waste. It's disgusting!"

Alicia, 12, Cumbria, England

"At the beginning of the day they are really nice but by lunch there is normally only 1 that isn't blocked. We all queue up and are late for lessons. Some people wait to go until they get home even if they need the toilet right at the beginning of the day because they are so bad."

Caroline, 12, Halifax, England

"My school toilets get locked on parents' evening so the parents can't see how horrible they are."

Bethany, 15, Stockport, England

"The toilets at my school are not very nice, it's mainly because people don't respect them, not that they haven't been decorated. People vandalise and write things in our school toilets."

Lauren, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"In my school we had to use disgusting toilets but we got them refurbished and now have a toilet attendant who looks after them, they are now clean and nice to go in."

Ellie, 12, Stockport, England

"Our school toilets are very clean and kept up to high standards. Every day they are kitted out with soap, toilet paper and paper towels! But some other schools toilets are just disgraceful!"

Rebecca, 10, Warrington, England

"At our school we have no locks on some of the doors, no soap, no toilet paper and they are not very clean. Sometimes we just wait until we get home to go to the toilet. We have had to complain many times."

Bethany, 12, Eastleigh, England

"Ours are fine, there aren't many, but they're clean and have soap dispensers and taps. The only problem is, they're really small!"

Anastasia, 11, Guernsey, Channel Islands

"At my new school, the loos are quite good, but a bunch of the locks don't work. At my old school, the loos were terrible! They were grotty, half of them didn't work, there was mould everywhere and even worse, there were mice! Our loos were infected with mice!"

Ellie, 12, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"Just to tell you my school has the best toilets and they have designs for yr6, yr1, yr2 and yr3! Each year has a different toilet!"

Zara, 11, Hounslow, England

"Our school toilets are rubbish. I never use them unless I really have to. It's taken all year for the school to do something about it."

Alex, 12, Bangor, Wales

"Our toilets are pretty clean."

Danny, 6, Oldham, England

"My school toilets aren't very nice. They start off clean at the beginning of the day but are really gross at the end of the day. Not many people in my school use the toilets which is bad."

Kerry, 13, Southampton, England

"In our school there's no point getting the toilets fixed because they will be broken again or even written on."

Tina, 12, Bradford, England

"My school toilets have had a makeover, and we have had new toilet seats, but they are still quite dirty!"

Thomas, 11, Bridgend, Wales

"We have two sets of toilets one for yrs 3&4 and 1 for the yrs 5&6. I am in yr 6 and our toilets are nice but they pong a bit. But from when I last visited them the year 3&4 toilets are old smelly and overall disgusting!"

Lola, 11, Brighton, England

"I don't care about the toilets as I don't look at them before I sit on them as that's pretty gross - they're toilets! WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL OUT OF ALL THIS??"

Caitlin, 10, Barnsley, England

"My toilets just in the junior block are totally disgusting, they're old and grotty and we need new ones."

Dominque, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Our school loos aren't the best - there is a broken dryer, cracked mirror and half the time the soap is all sticky."

Ffi, 12, Cardigan, Wales

"For a start we have one toilet. We queue out the door! The seat is falling off, and people have scratched words into the cubicle!"

Layla, 10, Warrington, England

"My schools toilets are nice! They're like shopping centre ones, they're white and always clean."

Annie, 13, Nottingham, England

"Our school toilets are disgusting, they are tiny and rarely have any soap. The walls are disgusting too."

Alison, 9, Livingston, Scotland

"Our toilets weren't very nice but then School Council had the idea to paint them. The girls' is an underwater scene, and the boys is football in the desert! That has made them much nicer! They have driers, soap machines and normally toile paper- the locks is the only troubling thing. Not all the locks work, so it would be great if we could get them fixed. But in general they are very nice."

Hattie, 11, London, England

"Our toilets are disgusting. The year above me have really nice pink toilets because of their school council. When our school council asked for new toilets they told us that we couldn't because we were going to mess them up again! It's soo unfair."

Maya, 12, London, England

"My old schools toilets were absolutely MANKY!!! The doors were so low that even the P4's were able to look over them, while you were on the loo! It was really embarrassing when they all started laughing at you. My friends and I kept asking and asking and asking to get them repaired, but nobody ever listened!"

Cara, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"Our loo's are ok but I tend to not use them much as I prefer to hold. Sometimes there's no loo roll, or no lock!"

Shereen, 10, Luton, England

"My school loos have just been refurbished... and are really clean"

Abigayle, 9, Dalton, England

"Our toilets are a bit dirty and the doors don't lock so we have to tell our friends to hold the door for us."

Kristina, 11, Manchester, England

"3 out of 4 loos in our school are painted and decorated really nicely, but the year 5 loos are really dark and dull and they are painted blue in both boys and girls. They don't always have toilet paper in every toilet and they normally don't have soap in the soap holders."

Tyla, 11, Great Yarmouth, England

"I think my school toilets are quite clean but they could do with a bit more decoration they are really boring..."

Shelbie, 11, Leeds, England

"Our school loos are filthy and no-one wants to go to the loo."

Alex, 10, Manchester, England

"My school loos are disgusting the were dead nice in primary but as I am coming up to the end of my first year at secondary they are just getting more and more disgusting we only have one set of clean loos but you get no privacy because there are cctv cameras because people smoke in them."

Lucy, 12, Carlisle, England

"Our toilets are alright. Our toilets did have locks that were broken, but now they are fixed. I don't like going on my own because it is quite dark."

Michelle, 10, Tividale West Midlands

"Our school toilets are very dirty! They don't even clean them! I don't go toilet in school, even when I am desperate, I just wait till I get home! That's how disgusting they are!"

Laura, 15, Manchester, England

"Our schools toilets are really nice; they are like the ones you would find at an airport or somewhere."

Amy, 13, Stoke, England

"My school loos stink because people don't bother to flush and there is toilet paper all over the floor."

Barbara, 10, Bath, England

"I find that high school/grammar school toilets are generally in better condition than primary school toilets."

Ellie, 12, Leeds, England

"I think we have decent school toilets because at school it's a new building but they probably won't stay like that for long! But most people don't use them to go to the toilet they go in there to check their make-up!"

Rachel, 12, Sutton Coldfield, England

"The toilets at our school are like your general public toilets, they are clean, but they often smell! We are lucky that our caretaker cleans them every evening."

Laura, 11, Sutton, England

"My school loos are horrid most smell and others you can't lock the doors."

Kurtis, 12, Aylesbury, England

"Ours always stink and the floors are always wet and dirty. Everyone hates the soap too."

Lydia, 11, Southend, England

"My school toilets are clean in the morning but dirty on the end of the day!"

Jodie, 10, London, England

"We now have really nice school loos, but we did have awful ones before. They really smelled."

ZoŽ, 12, Evesham, England

"Ours leak all the time and no one flushes them when they've finished which is disgusting."

Rabiat, 11, Whitehaven, England

"Mine are all right we have someone who looks after them and stays in them to look after it case anyone is not going to lessons. The worst are in the PE block they never get looked after. The locks are broke, people shove things down them and you can't go anyway coz there's never any paper."

Sarah, 13, Liverpool, England

"Last year our toilets were done up, so now they are as clean as ever, with brand new sinks and hand dryers!"

Paris-Anne, 11, Watford, England

"The toilets in my school are really unclean even when we come to school the next day. I think that the school should provide us with more accessories to keep the toilets cleaner such as baby wipes."

Sulaimaan, 9, London, England

"My school loo's are outside so I get wet in the rain and they are really old and smelly, one has actually come away from the floor!"

William, 8, Swansea, Wales

"Yeah! our toilets are brilliant, they have a really cool stain a steel design, all the cubicles have individual lighting, they cost loads to build and are hotel standard, everyone calls them the SUPER LOOS!"

Johnny, 10, Lincoln, England

"My school toilets are disgusting! Sometimes you can't go because of the horrible smell. Also there is no soap to wash your hands with it's been like that now for about 4 months! Yuk!"

Katie, 12, Tamworth, England

"In my school the toilets smell as bad as anything I can not stand the smell because they always have poo in them help!"

Ellie, 9, Irvine, Scotland

"My toilets are quite dirty and you can find stuff down them such as paperclips! I had a toilet door at school fell on me once and cut all my mouth open."

Rhianna, 11, Dagenham, England

"The toilets at my school stink and are a total mess."

Emma, 12, Preston, England

"Our toilets are all new (about 2 years) and all the locks are broken off, paper is everywhere, people write everywhere. But they have decent mirrors and sinks and also are very nice if you go in the good ones on the 1st floor."

Hannah, 12, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Our school loos are great downstairs because they were refurbished not long ago but the up stairs ones are smelly!"

Molly, 11, Hexham, England

"The toilets can be dirty and smelly and people don't flush the toilets."

Olivia, 7, Antrim, Northern Ireland

"In my school, the toilets are really smelly. They also have mould growing out of the top of the loos! Some students try to flood the toilets."

Rosie, 11, Fareham, Hampshire

"The old ones are disgusting they smell and they're not hygienic but new ones have been built as well but I don't think they'll stay clean for long."

Lauren, 12, Ipswich, England

"My school toilets have paper and soap but the soap leaves a horrid smell and the toilets always smell disgusting! There should be air freshener."

Justine, 11, Chester, England

"My school loos are rubbish because the cubical walls are to low so people can look over at you."

Lola, 13, Skye, Scotland

"They're cracked down the middle!"

Lauren, 12, Munlochy, Scotland

"Our toilets are really nice, as this is the first year our school opened. They are totally professional, like shopping centre ones, which are 100% clean."

Zahra, 12, Peterborough England