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Last Updated: Wednesday June 25 2008 16:00 GMT

Lucky cat rescued from power line


A curious cat has been rescued after spending 18 hours stuck at the top of a power line.

Freddy climbed up the 7m high pole but then realised he was too scared to climb back down again.

So he was forced to cling on to wires just a few centimetres from a live cable which would have given him a huge electric shock if he'd touched it.

Freddy was eventually rescued with help from electricity engineers, firefighters and the RSPCA.

The black and white tabby made his way home with a note from the RSPCA attached to his collar.

It read: "Your cat's had an adventure. Can you please contact us to let us know he got home safely?"


His owner Emma Evans then contacted the RSPCA to let them know he had got home safe and well. She said: "When I saw the pictures of Freddy hanging on to the wires I couldn't believe it.

"I'd like to think he'd learned his lesson but I think he'll be up to mischief again soon".