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Last Updated: Wednesday June 25 2008 09:46 GMT

In pictures: Life in a caravan

Leanne outside caravan

Leanne has been living in a caravan for a year, after her house was flooded.

Leanne and Helen enter house.

She comes from Hull, and, like lots of people, is waiting for her house to be repaired. She shows Helen inside.

Leanne in her living room

She says: "Nothing's been done. If the builder was doing something, that would be better. They haven't given us a timescale. You've just got to get on with it really."

Leanne in the kitchen

Leanne doesn't like the fact her caravan is so small. "It's got a really small oven. You can't even fit a whole pizza in there - you have to chop it in two."

Leanne in her bedroom

Her bedroom's not much better. She says: "It's just tiny. It's awful getting up in the morning because you whack each other in the face!"