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Last Updated: Wednesday June 25 2008 08:56 GMT

Forced into a caravan by flooding


Hull was badly flooded last summer, forcing lots of people out of their homes.

Leanne and her family have been living in a small caravan ever since. She tells us what it's like.

"Living in a caravan was really good at the start - it was something different and an adventure but then after a year you get bored of it being so small.

It's so cramped.

You can't have an argument with your sister or anything because everyone hears it.

When you have dinner, you have to eat at different times because you just can't fit round the table because it's so small.

I used to have friends come over every week and have sleepovers - but you just don't have any room to sleep.

It's good if it's sunny outside because you can just go in the garden and talk there. But if it's raining you have to all sit in the caravan and you're just sat on top of each other the whole time.

Bedroom is tiny

My bed is tiny. The wardrobe's not big enough and you have to have your clothes anywhere you can.

In the winter it's absolutely freezing - you have to wear shoes or slippers the whole time. The cold comes through the floor, you have to have every window closed to make it more warn.

Nothing's been done to the house. It's awful, it's just so annoying. You've just got to get on with it really - there's nothing you can do about it so you've just got to get on with it."

Leanne, 12, Hull

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