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Last Updated: Wednesday June 25 2008 06:03 GMT

McFly to give away next album


Fans of top boy-band McFly will be getting a bargain in July, as the popsters have announced they're giving away their next album for free.

Radio:ACTIVE will be available with a Sunday newspaper next month.

Singer Tom Fletcher told the BBC: "We get to put it into almost three million homes, which is an incredible opportunity for us.

"Hopefully the three million people will all enjoy the music and they'll decide to see us when we go on tour."

It's not the first time a big act has given away a new album with a paper - Prince did the same thing last year.

It might seem a strange thing to do, but giving away CDs actually makes sense for big bands.

They make most of their cash from touring, so a free album can act like an advert for the live shows.