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Last Updated: Tuesday June 24 2008 15:38 GMT

Real 'won't pay 80m for Ronaldo'

Cristiano Ronaldo during Euro 2008

The tale of Ronaldo's move from Man Utd to Real Madrid has taken another turn, as Real have said they wouldn't pay the 80m he's apparently worth.

Club president Ramon Calderon said: "Real Madrid will never pay 100 million euros (80m) for anybody."

But two days earlier, the club's coach Bernd Schuster said the club would be willing to pay whatever was necessary for them to get Ronaldo on their side.

And Manchester United are still saying Ronaldo isn't even up for sale!

Cristiano Ronaldo
The star player is on holiday for the next three weeks, so it might be a while before any decision about his future is made.

He currently earns about 120,000 pounds per week playing for United, but a move to Real could see that figure double - nice work if you can get it.