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Last Updated: Tuesday June 24 2008 12:36 GMT

In pictures: Weird Wimbledon fashion

Serena Williams

Serena Williams arrived on court in a posh white trench coat – looking more like she was going on a shopping trip in the rain than about to play tennis in the glorious sunshine!

Serena Williams warming up

“I absolutely love trench coats,” she said. "It's ladylike and I'm very ladylike. It goes perfect with my personality and everything else. It's perfect for me."

Serena Williams playing

Fashion has always been a big part of Wimbledon with its strict "predominantly white" dress code for players.

Roger Federer arrives

Roger Federer was also in the mood to dress up, as he traded his usual white blazer for a rather old fashioned cardigan.

Roger Federer in cardigan

He told the press it’s time to try something fresh and a bit different – hmmm a bit of a ‘grandad look’ if you ask us!

Maria Sharapova

Check out Maria Sharapova's warm-up outfit - it's inspired by a two-piece tuxedo suit!