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Last Updated: Monday June 23 2008 15:20 GMT

In pictures: Tennis mania at Wimbledon


Wimbledon's famous for long queues and the rain, but nothing could stop thousands of fans turning up for the HUGE tournament which started on Monday.

tennis fans

The top tennis stars from all over the world have flown in for the competition, and so have their fans. Who do you think this lot will be supporting?

Amanda Holden

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden showed off her talent on court before the professionals started their matches, and she even challenged the public to a game.

Judy Murray

This is Andy Murray's mum who was at the tournament showing off her own skills, encouraging people to eat strawberries for charity.


Thankfully there are plenty to go around - thousands of tennis fans are expected to scoff their way through two tonnes of these juicy fruits every day of the tournament!