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Last Updated: Saturday June 21 2008 14:11 GMT

In pictures: The world's ugliest dog

Owners with their dogs at the annual competition

Loads of weird and wonderful-looking dogs put their best paws forward in California, America, in the hope of being crowned as the world's UGLIEST dog.

Elwood won the title in 2007

Elwood is the Chinese crested chihuahua cross breed who walked away with the title in 2007. But could he do it again this year?

Archie, a Chinese Crested dog

Most of the mutts who enter are Chinese crested dogs, like Archie here. Chinese crested dogs tend to have bug eyes and tufts of fluff on their head, giving them their unusual look.

Princess Chelsea gets a cuddle from her owner before the competition starts

Judges score the dogs on personality, grooming and initial shock factor. They may not be traditionally pretty, but they have loads of admirers and the contest is seen as a bit of fun.

Some of the dogs sniffing out their competition

The 500 prize money would buy lots of toys and treats for the winner so it's no wonder these dogs were busy checking out their competition.

Gus is a one-eyed, three legged Chinese Crested dog

As a one-eyed, three legged pup, Gus was always in with a pretty good chance of winning...

Gus is named as the winner

And he did! Congratulations Gus, and look how excited his owner was too!