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Last Updated: Saturday June 21 2008 11:17 GMT

Millions hit by floods in India

Flood waters in India

Millions of people have been affected by severe floods in eastern India.

Thousands have been forced to leave their homes as monsoon rains continue to devastate their towns and villages.

It's not unusual for really heavy rains to hit this part of the country, but officials say they're the heaviest to fall in 60 years!

The Army is trying to help by using helicopters to drop food and other emergency supplies into the worst-hit areas, like Orissa and West Bengal.

Several people have died in the wet weather.

Thousands are heading to higher ground where there is less flooding and many are living in shelters and tents waiting for the rain to stop.

But it will be a while before things get back to normal for people living there as weather experts say there could be more rain on the way.