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Last Updated: Friday June 20 2008 07:00 GMT

Helen at the Prince Caspian premiere

Helen at the premier

Narnia fans have been looking forward to it for ages, and the UK premiere of Prince Caspian film was certainly worth waiting for.

Ten thousand fans gathered at the 02 Arena in London, desperate to catch a glimpse of the stars, and to see a sneak preview of the epic adventure.

Among them was Newsround's Helen, who went along to check out what all the fuss was about...

I never thought I'd see a horse muck collector on a red carpet, but I did see one at the premiere of Price Caspian, the follow up to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Narnia characters on the green carpet
The organisers turned London's O2 arena into a stage for the UK premiere of the film, complete with horses, swords men and soldiers.

10,000 people watched it on the biggest cinema screen in Europe.

Even the red carpet was bigger than normal at 190 metres long.

Thankfully none of horses pooped in front of me so the stars William, Anna, Georgie and Skandar all stopped for a chat.

Stars on the red carpet
We even managed to grab a word with the director, who paid credit to the books the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis, and said there's more to come, and it will be even bigger and better next time around.

I'm not sure how!

What's it all about?

The film is set more than a thousand years after the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Narnia has descended into chaos.

>Most of the Narnians have been killed, by the Telmarines (humans) - led by Miraz who wants to be king.

The real heir to throne Prince Caspian has run away, ending up in the forest where he joins forces with the remaining Narnians, and summons Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy to overthrow evil king Miraz and restore peace to Narnia.

Is it any good?

I kind of expected this to be like a pantomime, where it looks good, but the story is a bit cheesy.

This wasn't like that, the story draws you in, the special effects are stunning without being too 'in-your-face'.

Narnia stars
I've never been one for special effects but the effects in this were subtle, and, daft as it sounds. Pretty.

The characters make you laugh and draw you in: You really want Susan and Prince Caspian to get together, and you really want the Narnians to get the kingdom back on track.

The film has a knack of surprising you so it doesn't feel long at all.

There were points when I thought I knew what was coming, but I was wrong more than once.

I'm always disappointed when films end in the way you expect, this didn't.

I'm not telling you what happens, but all I'd say is don't leave before the last minute.

Did you know?

William, who plays Peter, (aka high King Peter) has a cat called Bam Bam he's had since he was 2. The cat's 19 now!

Georgie who plays Lucy is from Yorkshire, although you'd never know it from her accent!

Ben Barnes
William, Skandar, Georgie and Anna helped new boy Ben (Prince Caspian) fit in with the gang by teasing and taking the mick out of him.

As Ben prepared to meet the director in his full costume for the first time, William accidentally burst orange juice all over him.

Ben wasn't amused apparently!

William thinks he looks as if he's eating mash potato in the poster for the film???

And Skandar's mum was constantly taking photos of him being interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere.