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Last Updated: Friday June 20 2008 13:04 GMT

Prince Caspian chats to NR

Ben Barnes, who plays Prince Caspian

The four stars of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe are back again for the latest Narnia film, but this time around they're joined by Ben Barnes, who plays Prince Caspian.

Newsround's Helen caught up with the 26-year-old to find out what it was like having a starring role, and being the new boy on the set.

You were the new guy to the film, because the other four have already worked together before. What was it like settling in, did you feel like the new kid at school?

A little bit, yeah, I mean everyone did seem to know what they were doing at the beginning except for me.

The young stars of Prince Caspian
Ben joins the stars of the first film
I was a little bit anxious, because I'd seen all the DVD extras on the first one. Georgie sitting there saying: "'Oh, we're like a family, and Andrew's like my dad and Will's like my brother," and I was thinking, it's not like that, she's just saying that.

And then I got there, and it's exactly like that. They really do care about each other so much, they get on really well and it's a great atmosphere to work in, so they were very welcoming.

During filming, obviously the Narnian's weren't there, what was that like, sort of acting to thin air?

Well, they did as much as they could, for example, the centaurs stood on these big stilts... and they have these sort of lycra green tights.

Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian
Ben plays Prince Caspian
Obviously, for some of the smaller creatures like Reepicheep (a talking mouse), you're talking to a piece of wire, or a stick with a tennis ball on the top, and then sometimes you'll have someone in a lime green suit with a balaclava and gloves.

The whole experience of being in such a big film is quite new to you, what struck you most?

Just the attention to detail. Bearing in mind the scale of it, you'd go on to these huge sets which they'd been building for months and months.

It's just amazing all the hard work and effort that so many, literally thousands of people, have put into this film.

Which was your favourite Narnian?

"Reepicheep. Eddie Izzard is a big hero of mine, and I've seen him do stand-up comedy for years.

We didn't know who was going to do the voice, I was just talking to a stick, and then you watch the film and it's this great, talking, brave little mouse.

So when you've worked on something that's such a big scale, where do you go next, how do you top that?

You sort of have to do something a bit smaller.

Anything different after that is the next best thing to do, because you're never going to get anything bigger.