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Last Updated: Thursday June 19 2008 05:00 GMT

Campaigning to make gaming safer


Press Packer Huw used to enjoy playing computer games, until he suffered a nasty reaction to one.

Now he's campaigning to make gaming safe for more kids.

"About a year ago, I was playing on my console in the dark when I suddenly saw lots of flashing lights in the corner of my eye.

I also saw white silhouettes of characters from the game, and my head and my arm were twitching.

I was shouting for my mum and I felt really frightened because I never had it happen to me before.

My mum found me and took me to hospital.

An epileptic fit

The doctors said I'd had an epileptic fit, triggered off by flashing lights in the game.

This is called being photosensitive.

All TV programmes are screened by a special machine to make sure they're safer for people who are photosensitive.

The company who made the game that set my fit off, have decided to start screening all their games.

But I want to make sure all games companies start screening their games, so more people will be able to play them without being harmed."

Huw, 11, Somerset

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