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Last Updated: Wednesday June 18 2008 15:06 GMT

'Lamb banana' art goes missing

The missing superlambanana and its mother

A missing sheep wouldn't normally upset a whole city - but that's exactly what's happened in Liverpool.

But as you might have guessed, this is no ordinary lamb. It's one of loads of decorated sheep which have been placed around the city to mark the fact that Liverpool is the 'Capital of Culture' this year.

The works of art are all copies of the famous bright yellow 'superlambanana' sculpture, which has been in Liverpool for 15 years.

The missing one was a baby sheep, which was sitting next to a mother sculpture in the city's Hope Street.


The original 'superlambanana'
The original 'superlambanana'
The baby lamb was screwed down but it disappeared overnight.

All of the sheep have been decorated by artists, schools and local groups and will be on display in Liverpool for the next 10 weeks.