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Last Updated: Wednesday June 18 2008 12:44 GMT

Harry remembers Afghan dead

Prince Harry takes part in a memorial parade in Edinburgh

Prince Harry is taking part in a memorial ceremony in Edinburgh to remember troops killed while he was with the Army in Afghanistan.

The Asian country has been in the news a lot because the number of British soldiers who have been killed since the war started went over the 100 mark.

Four soldiers died on Wednesday in a blast, including the first female soldier to be killed in the conflict.

Prince Harry spent 10 weeks there secretly before being flown home.

British troops - along with some from other countries like America - first went to Afghanistan in 2001. It's a hot, dusty, mountainous country, next to Pakistan and Iran.

Prince Harry in Afghanistan
Prince Harry in Afghanistan

The government there was run by a group called the Taleban, who were accused of helping to carry out terrorist attacks on America.

The main fighting was over quite quickly and the government was changed.

The military's next job was to make sure that the new Afghan government could build new schools and hospitals.

Bomb attacks

Another part of their mission was to destroy crops that can be turned into illegal drugs that are then sold in other countries.

But fighters from the old government the Taleban have been hitting back, mainly with bombs buried in the road.

When George Bush visited the UK, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that extra British troops would be send to Afghanistan - taking the total to more than 8,000 - the highest it's ever been.