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Last Updated: Tuesday June 17 2008 17:34 GMT

On the judging panel for a book award

Press Packer David

Press Packer David and his class helped shortlist books for a top science book award - The Royal Society junior prize for science books.

The winning book, which Newsround's Sonali helped to judge, was the Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do.

But was that David's favourite? Read on to find out!

"Our class and many other classes in other schools had the opportunity to review science books that had been shortlisted by Newsround presenter Sonali and John Tickle.

It was for the annual Royal Society Aventis Prize for science books aimed at children. The books were:

  • Serious Survival - How to Poo in the Arctic

  • Why is Snot Green?

  • Ask Dr Fisher about Animals

  • How the Incredible Human Body Works

  • Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do

The winner was Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do, which surprised me because our class gave it a bad mark.

However I think it was a very good book but was better suited to younger children, for instance my younger sister (aged seven) would enjoy reading it and doing some of the things inside.

Range of ages

My personal favourite was It's Elementary by Professor Robert Winston.

I felt it was a useful reference and would appeal to a wide range of ages (nine to 12) as well as the fact it was full of colourful and clear illustrations.

Favourite subject

Our class overall probably rated Serious Survival or How the Incredible Human Body Works the highest.

I have been doing these reviews for three years now and I have always enjoyed it as science is one of my favourite subjects."

David, 11, London

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