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Last Updated: Wednesday June 18 2008 17:02 GMT

In pics: Girl's story of life as a refugee


This is Gervelie, 13, who likes reading Jacqueline Wilson, but she's also got an interesting story of her own. She's written a book about her experience as a refugee.

Gervelie visits her old school

She visited her old school in Norwich to tell kids what it was like when she lived in Africa. "We couldn't go outside as there were people being killed if they went out at certain times."

Rose, 11

Rose, 11, was shocked at Gervelie's story of life in the Congo and the Ivory Coast. "It makes me feel really lucky that none of this is going on where we live," she said.

Rowan, 10

And Rowan, 10, added: "To think that other people are going through the same thing is just unreal. It's not how life is supposed to be."

Philip, 10

Philip, 10, said: "I think it must have been really hard for Gervelie when she first came here, because she didn't speak English and so couldn't talk to anyone except for her Dad."

Sam, 11

Sam, 11, added: "I've always been interested in geography, but knowing Gervelie has made me more interested. When I'm older I'd like to do something to help people like her."