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Last Updated: Tuesday June 17 2008 13:19 GMT

Row over girl's religious bangle

Sarika and her mum show off their Sikh bangles

A huge row has kicked off, costing loads of money and involving lots of important people - all about a bangle.

Sarika Singh, 14, has been excluded from her school in Wales for wearing a Sikh bracelet, called a kara, which she says is important for her religion.

But the school in Aberdare doesn't allow any jewellery, only a pair of stud earrings and a watch.

So Sarika's gone to one of the highest courts in the country, saying the school is discriminating against her.

The kara is worn by Sikh people to remind them of their religion and to remind them to do good with their hands.

Sarika's kara
Sarika's kara
Sarika says that hers is very important to her and that she wants to wear it all the time.

But the school say a rule is a rule and Sarika must follow the jewellery ban while she's there.

When the school asked Sarika to remove her bangle, she refused and so in November last year, she was excluded.

The case has now gone to the High Court where lawyers for Sarika and the school will battle it out.