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Last Updated: Tuesday June 17 2008 13:25 GMT

In pics: Floods cause more chaos for China

Flood waters in

More than 1.25million people have had to leave their homes in southern China as heavy rains cause widespread flooding.

People wading through the flood waters

The rain has been pouring down for days and forecasters are warning there's more on the way.

A flooded road in the Fujian province

Flood waters have swept away roads, damaged bridges and wrecked thousands of people's homes across nine regions.

Farmers using sandbags to try to block the flood waters

Large areas of farmland have been left under water and experts are worried more rivers may burst their banks if the rain doesn't stop soon.

Flooding in southern China

China's rainy season causes chaos every year, but in some areas the flooding is among the worst for 50 years.

Someone using a boat to get around the Guangdong province

One of the areas badly hit is Sichuan, which is still struggling to cope after last month's massive earthquake which killed around 87,000 people.