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Last Updated: Tuesday June 17 2008 06:55 GMT

Plans for huge UK Olympics party

London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics logos

A massive party's being planned in the UK to celebrate the handover of the Olympic Games from Beijing to London.

The city's not hosting the Games until 2012, but the party's starting early with a free concert in the capital for 40,000 people on 24 August.

Pop star Leona Lewis and footie legend David Beckham are reported to be due to perform at China's closing ceremony to help kick off celebrations over here.

The concert will mark the moment the UK officially becomes host of the Games.

That's when the Olympic flag is handed over from the Mayor of Beijing to the Mayor of London during the closing ceremony.

Sonali checks out Team GB's new kit for the Beijing Games
One of the main organisers of London 2012, Sebastian Coe, said 24 August was the start of a four-year journey to host a Games everyone could be proud of.

"We want to mark this moment in time - and are creating ways for the UK to come together on this memorable day and celebrate this moment," he said.

"The eyes of the world will turn towards London on 24 August as the Beijing Games closes and focus turns to the next summer host city. We will be ready to welcome the world."

Big screens

You'll have to get your parents or an older brother or sister to apply for tickets, as you can't apply if you're under 16 and have to be with an adult to go to the concert.

But don't worry if you miss out, it's being broadcast live on television and radio and there will be several big screens set up across the UK.