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Last Updated: Saturday June 14 2008 12:03 GMT

Council bans 'anti-teen' gadget


Kent County Council in south east England has become one of the first in the UK to ban mosquito gadgets from its buildings.

The devices send out high-pitched sounds which can only be heard by young people.

They're used to try and stop groups of young people hanging out around shops and town centres.

But lots of people think they're not a fair way to treat young people, and should be scrapped.

Usually, adults can't hear them, because as you get older your hearing gets worse, meaning you can't hear high-pitched noises as well.


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Around 3,500 of them are used across England in shopping centres, parks and shops, to try and stop bad behaviour.

Councillors in Kent brought in the ban after talking to young people, and are now planning to ask the government to ban them altogether.

The Children's Commissioner for England, Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green, has launched a campaign to get rid of them, called "Buzz Off".

Meanwhile in Scotland, work to get mosquitoes, sometimes called "teen tormentors", banned, has been under way since last year.