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Last Updated: Friday June 13 2008 12:47 GMT

Strike fuels petrol shortage fear

Filling up petrol at pump

It might look really simple when your mum or dad fills up their car at the petrol station - but what if when you got there they didn't have any petrol?

Some of the people who drive tankers to deliver fuel around the country have gone on strike because they don't think they are being paid enough money.

And without the tankers carrying the fuel around, people are worried some petrol stations might simply run out.

Some drivers have been rushing out to fill up their cars while stocks last.

Petrol is already expensive and this is another blow for drivers.

It could also result in more of you having to walk to school as the tanker drivers' protest is going on for four days.

But the Government is telling drivers not to panic, saying it has a plan for this emergency, including rationing the amount of petrol people can buy.