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Last Updated: Friday June 13 2008 11:29 GMT

Quiz: Noise

Soundwave and an ear

Question 1

What is noise measured in?

A: Decimals
B: Decibels
C: Dumb-bells

Question 2

How fast does sound travel in air?

A: 7.5 miles per hour
B: 750 miles per hour
C: 7500 miles per hour

Question 3

In what year did the first person fly faster than the speed of sound?

A: 1947
B: 1967
C: 1987

Question 4

Which of the following is louder?

A: A music concert
B: A car alarm
C: A plane taking off

Question 5

What city announced that it wanted to ban dogs from barking to reduce noise pollution?

A: New York
B: London
C: Paris

Question 6

What level of noise can damage your hearing?

A: Up to 20 decibels
B: Up to 75 decibels
C: Up to 135 decibels

Question 7

Who invented the telephone?

A: Stephen Hawking
B: Professor Dumbledore
C: Alexander Graham Bell

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