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Last Updated: Friday June 13 2008 10:42 GMT

In pictures: Coral reef made of wool

Adam pretending to swim in the coral

No, Adam's not swimming around the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia - he's actually checking out an art project in London made entirely from wool!

the coral

Two artists from America and their friends used crochet, which is sort of like knitting, to create this cool coral reef.


They hope the woollen reef will raise awareness of the real ones, which are teeming with wildlife and really important for the environment, but are under threat.

Adam being taught to crochet

It took them hours to make, but one of the artists, Margaret Wertheim, said crocheting was really easy, and she could teach Adam in five minutes!

Adam crocheting

Adam took up the challenge, and Margaret showed him how to pull the wool through a little loop to make a stitch.

Adam crocheting

Adam said crocheting takes loads of concentration, but once he got going it was really relaxing. Maybe he's found a new hobby?!