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Last Updated: Saturday June 14 2008 09:49 GMT

Gavin flexes his muscles for Sportsround

Gavin tries out weight lifting

Now this is a sport I seriously didn't fancy before I even started.

I always assumed that you need to have muscles coming out of your ears to be any good at weightlifting!

I'm normally better at sports that are based around running... So I wasn't at all confident about picking up heavy weights attached to the end of a bar!

I thought about psyching myself up by listening to some pumping tunes to get me going. After all, it is a sport that needs lots of explosive energy.

But my trainer for the day, Hadley Jones, had a few other ideas.

Classical music

Believe it or not, he actually plays classical music to get him in the mood! Apparently it helps him in the rhythm of the lift.

But hey, who am I to argue - he's one of Britain's biggest hopes for the 2012 Olympics. And can lift over 200 kilos!

That's that about the same weight as a small sofa, a washing machine and a really big TV!

My trainer can lift more than 200 kilos!

Now, I thought to myself... "Hadley's around the same size as me, and I'm heavier than him... so in theory, I should be able lift a good amount, right?" Wrong.

Technique is so important

Weightlifting is all about technique, and if you don't do it correctly, you won't be able to lift much at all.

It's also really important to be taught by a proper coach - as you could quite easily injure yourself if things aren't done properly.

You have to get in the correct position each time you attempt to lift otherwise you'll lose your balance when you pick up the weight, which will either make you fall backwards or tumble forwards - ouch!

You're made to practice on the bar without any weights to check what you're doing is right.

Gavin goes fishing

Your feet, ankles, knees and back have to be in the right place, with your back arched and arms straight.

Weightlifting is a tough sport!

This is to make sure your LEGS do all the work when you pick up the weight .... Let me tell you, it's a tough sport!

I was terrible at getting the technique right - I was lifting the bar with my arms rather than using my legs - and it took me ages to get the body position right!

But eventually, after Hadley and his coach Brian had a few positive words of encouragement, I did it!!

Gavin tries out weight lifting

OK so it wasn't like lifting a washing machine, but I was pleased! It felt fantastic.

So it goes to show, that with the right coaching, attitude you really don't have to be big to lift heavy weights. You just need to concentrate and will yourself to do it - oh yes, and the right music!


Why don't you get in touch with Sportsround and let us know what music gets you in the mood to compete in your sport.