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Last Updated: Thursday June 12 2008 14:35 GMT

Sonali checks out Team GB's Olympic kit

Team GB modelling their new Olympic kit

Some of Britain's top sporting talent have launched Team GB's new kit for the Olympic Games this summer.

Sonali went along to chat to some of the athletes...

Check out the clips on the right hand side to see what they had to say about their new kit.

The Beijing Olympics may still be a couple of months away, but if you're take part in the biggest sporting event in the world, you're going to be watched by millions - so as well making sure you perform well, it's important to make sure you look good too, right?

That's why today's a big deal - it's the first time we're getting to see what Team GB will be wearing when they're competing in China.

Sonali with the new kit
Sonali checks out the new kit
Centre of attention was the team's youngest member, 14-year-old diver Tom Daley.

He was excited about the kit and showed me how it's made with high tech material that will help athletes keep cool in the Beijing heat.

Fave for gold

Queen of British cycling Victoria Pendleton was also there - she was very friendly.

Did you know she rode her first race aged nine? She's one of the favourites to win a gold medal and told me her training was going really well.

Sonali interviewing Chris Tomlinson
She also said it was a real shame that world eventing champion Zara Phillips had to pull out of the Games - she said she'd be devastated if that happened to her.

Modern pentathlete Heather Fell has to have five different kits of course - for shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding and running - I wonder how big her suitcase will have to be...

John McFall is running in the 100 metre race at the Paralympics. He told me putting his sprint suit on has really psyched him up for the race.

The funniest moment of the launch had to be when I met long jumper Chris Tomlinson... Watch the video clip and you'll see why!