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Last Updated: Friday June 20 2008 17:50 GMT

Olympic Diaries: Aisling Williams

Aisling Williams
Aisling Williams

The Olympic Games get going later this year in Beijing, China.

Team GB is sending a strong team, hoping to win more medals than four years ago when the Games were held in Athens, Greece.

As the opening ceremony gets closer, Sportsround is finding out about the Games from five people taking part in the event.



Unfortunately I just missed out on Olympic selection!

I felt that the last trial went ok but I had a couple of errors that I would have preferred not to happen!

But I was really pleased about getting Bronze medal on beam!

Obviously I was absolutely gutted when they announced the team because I had put so much work in but I guess everything happens for a reason.

All the girls on the squad have grown really close over the last couple of years so it's really hard that some people had to miss out but I wish them all loads of luck at the Olympics!


I was selected for the GBR v Italy International over the weekend in Liverpool. The competition went really well for me. My floor routine was much better than it has been and I completed a new bars routine that also went well.

I finally finished all my exams last Thursday which was a big relief and takes a lot of pressure of so I can now just focus on gymnastics.

This week will be constant training for me in the run up to a massive weekend at the British Championships which is when the Team will be selected for the Olympics.

Everyone's a bit nervous at the moment but the general mood amongst the girls is quite joyful and supportive. As for my chances, it really is just a matter of seeing how next weekend goes and then hoping for the best!"


I had four A-level exams over two days at the end of last week, which hopefully went all right. I've some more this week and then I'm finished school forever, which is really great!

I'm looking forward to celebrating once all my friends have finished.

This week will be another week of balancing training and revision. There was a competition over the weekend that I didn't compete in, but I kept an eye on the results and I'm really happy that all my team-mates and friends did so well.

Hopefully I will be competing this coming weekend in Liverpool against Italy!

From then I'm going to look to the third and final Olympic trial which is the British Championships. That takes place in two weeks' time, and will be decision day for the Olympic Team!"


I've been doing gymnastics since I was five.

I normally train six days a week, sometimes twice a day.

In the next couple of weeks it's our British Championships which is the last of three Olympics trials so I'm getting a bit nervous and hope that I can do my best and qualify for the Games.

Aisling Williams
Aisling Williams
At the moment I'm taking my A Level exams.

I had Chemistry and Maths this week. It's quite hard to balance both my exams and my gymnastics.

It would be such a great experience to be part of the team competing in Beijing.

At the end of the day, that's the biggest thing you can do in gymnastics.

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