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Last Updated: Thursday June 12 2008 04:50 GMT

Adam tries out milk in a bag

Adam using the milk bag

You're used to seeing milk in a carton or a glass bottle - well now you can buy it in a bag!

The move is to cut down on the amount of packaging used, which often ends up taking up lots of space in dumps.

Adam tried it out for Newsround.

I LOVE new gadgets so was actually quite excited to hear that someone has had a brainwave about how to sell and serve something as low-tech as a pint of milk...

Milk bottles and carton
Bags are to replace bottles and cartons
At first it is quite weird picking up milk in a plastic bag. That's what you put in to the re-usable jug. You then close the lid and make sure it is securely clipped either side.

The spout is separate and one end is pointy. You plug that into the top of the jug, which pierces the bag.

You pour away and - hey presto - you've got a glass of milk!

Spilled milk

Although during my first attempt the milk sort of splattered all over the place.

But then I checked and it turns out I hadn't read the instructions properly. Oops.

It's definitely more fun than pouring a carton of milk, but it's also a bit more fiddly.