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Last Updated: Tuesday June 10 2008 12:21 GMT

Harry Hill fights for sports day

Comedian Harry Hill

Comedian Harry Hill has gone back to his old school to help their campaign to get their playing field back.

Kids at Staplehurst Primary School in Kent haven't had a sports day or been able to play games on it since 2006.

Their school playing field is off limits after part was sold to be built on. Drainage problems followed and inspectors ruled it unsafe.

Harry's hoping his support will help get the playing field back up to scratch and get sports day back.

The children have been writing to local MPs and sports personalities, including Dame Kelly Holmes, for help.

Pupils at the school with no playing field
Pupils at the school
The school, the company who did the work and the local council are trying to work out who should fix the field.

The comic said he hoped to return for sports day when everything was sorted: "Maybe, who knows, I could race someone at the egg and spoon race as that was my particular area of expertise."