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Last Updated: Tuesday June 10 2008 06:16 GMT

Kitten saved by vacuum cleaner

Rescued kitten

A kitten was rescued from a drain by firefighters using a vacuum cleaner with a sock pulled over the nozzle!

The newborn moggy slipped down the pipe after its mum had crawled under the floorboards to have her kittens in East Lothian, Scotland.

The firefighters used a special vibrascope camera - usually used to find people trapped in earthquakes - to find the tiny kitten's exact spot.

Then, using the adapted vacuum, they sucked the ginger kitten to safety!

The kitten was reunited with its mum and both are believed to be doing well.

A fire service spokesman said: "The mother had gone underneath the sink to give birth to her litter and one of her kittens had fallen down the pipe.

"They used a vacuum and put a sock over the suction end of the tube and managed to suck on to the kitten and retrieve it."