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Last Updated: Tuesday June 10 2008 13:30 GMT

Euro 2008 - My team: Portugal

The Portuguese football team

Name: Joćo

Age: 12

Favourite football player: Luķs Figo

Best player in the Portuguese team: Ricardo Carvalho. He is one of the most experienced players.

Prediction for the tournament: I really think it's going to be Italy and Germany in the final but I hope it's Portugal. Germany will probably win.

The Czech Republic will probably also do well because they have a good history in European tournaments and they have good players on the team.

"I'm excited because I think Portugal has a chance to go to the final but I really start to get excited when I watch the games on TV.

Press Packer Joćo
Everyone is helping Portugal with moral support. People have flags on their balconies and cars and everyone is in a good mood.

I think everyone will stop what they are doing to watch all the games.

I will watch the games probably at home with my family but there are big screens all over Lisbon for fans to join together and watch and have a party.

Maybe I will go to Vienna if Portugal gets to the final!"

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